.​.​.​In Real Time

by Rime Fytahs



-...In Real Time. Occurring right now as you read this you are being tracked and recorded either by satellite or G.P.S. on your cell phone/portable device. When you commit a crime all agents have to do is rewind to the time and location and track the escape....


released December 16, 2011

Feat: Mister CR (Rumble Pakk/GoodlifeBullyz), Nuvethad (CVE), Poetik Prophets/C.O.L.A. Members: Axion, Fresh Raheem, and Skruf. Malathion (Chamber Recs./C.O.L.A.), Rifleman (Hiphop Kclan/Goodlife Bullyz), and Milx. With Beat Production by Quaesar, DJ Relictore, and Axion. Recorded by Axion @ Highway Studios Covina CA. Except for the Bonus Tracks.



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Rime Fytahs California

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Track Name: KSAR (Rime Fytahs) Feat: Seedless (Hardwerk Records) - Roadside Bombs
We Roadside Bomb like we I.E.D.
Track Name: kZaRtan Featuring Axion (Poetik Prophets/C.O.L.A.) - TheHighFrequenCy
Interplanetary with an adversary radar, decibels are blarin' when I'm speaking from the paper, Mic Operator Killah Quaesar, when I turn it into vapors, words'll slay bars, we livin' this hourly daily monthly, move against the grain and we stayin' hungry, penetrate the main vein of your label company, steadily maintain making money...
Track Name: Quaesar (Rime Fytahs) Feat: Fresh Raheem (Poetik Prophets) & Rifleman (HipHopKclan) - BattleFieldRhyme
We roll up on the curb and we're ready to flow, automatic with the rap and a killer syllable, lethal in my lap and a shank available in-case a sucka wants to scrap when I serve him at a show, cold crush your ego with an innovative pronoun, murder in the cypher when your fucking with a pro now, better show style, turn the safety off and go loud, never go down, grab the ammo then we roll out. Come out of the water, iguana marine, penetrating through your armor when I murder your team, beaming from the mental, bending metal as a demo, disassemble instrumental's not a problem for me. I was raised off my elders, that's why it's this hard, what's your plan B when your bullets discharge, f#*king with that foolishness your liable to get scarred, jealousy and envy really doesn't get far. Get 'em ready when I'm raiding the scene, penetrating through your main vein straight in your stream, little kiddies gonna wish that I stayed in there dream, when I hit 'em with a Grade A spraying machine gun, verbal anti-venom on the rhythm when I hit'em during intermittent, hidden when I print'em and they're written in code, kill'em in a second when I mentally infect it, I'll be moving undetected when the Prophecy unfolds....
Track Name: KillahRhymeZaar (Rime Fytahs) Feat: Mister CR (Rumble Pakk) & Malathion (Chamber/C.O.L.A.) - Bonus Track: Saonce
Seance for the spirits on the streets, these windows have eyes and the walls can speak we walk through the halls of time, don't sleep, a metaphysical ritual on beats